Optical and laser measuring systems for METAL INDUSTRY

Cold area

A full range of laser measuring systems for slitting lines, cut to length lines, leveling, pickling, rolling, punching, profiling and finishing processes.

Optical telecentric projection technology for high-precision measurements on thin metal strips on slitting lines, finishing lines, press machines.

Optical projection technology for measurement of multiple parallel strips on slitting lines.

Laser technology for measurements on metal strips and sheets in dusty environment without any device under the material.

Laser measuring systems to control bending and waves of the edges of metal strips and sheets, to detect surface deformations and to measure plates and sheets flatness in production line.

Control system for measurements of bars, tubes, strips and profiles bending in production line.

Dimensional control of bars, beams, tubes, wavy or shaped sheets.

Position measurement of strips, bars, sheets, tubes on processing lines. Length, width and height measurements.

Hot area

Laser heads for mono-dimensional measurements of diameter in ring mills, of level of molten metals and for position controls of slabs and billets.

Laser heads for bi-dimensional measurements in forging and mill processes.

Non-invasive laser technology for hot plate mills.

Optical and laser measuring systems for  EXTRUDED and CALENDERED PLASTICS and RUBBERS

Laser measuring systems for extrusion of foam materials, for bituminous membranes, for rubber and PVC calendering, for textile coating.

Gauges for multiple heads extruders of strips and strapping.

Dimensional inspection of tubes, sheets and shaped profiles of any size.

Optical and laser measuring systems for WOOD and LAMINATES

Multi-point laser technology for panels production lines.

Laser measuring systems to detect flatness and surface deformations of panels in production line.


Ultrasonic measuring sensors with automatic self-calibration for for resins coating lines, glass inspection, acrylic and poly-carbonate sheets, foams.

Main features

  • Modular system architecture    →    Possibility to expand the system in a second time
  • Heavy duty frames    →    Suitable for heavy industrial environments
  • Optical windows air purging system    →    Dirt is blown away and the maintenance is reduced to a minimum
  • Control and automatic regulation of internal temperature    →    For high precision applications
  • High sampling frequency   →    Material is controlled at 100% at the maximum speed of the production line
  • Simple and easy parameters setting    →    No waste of time for the operators
  • Recipe management    →   Rapid selection at changing type for repetitive productions
  • Clear and effective visualization    →    Digital display and 3 colors graphic (green OK, yellow PRE-ALARM, red OUT OF TOLERANCE)
  • Fast and easy calibration    →    Suitable for any operator
  • Any type of fieldbus interface    →    Remote commands and data sharing to work without operators
  • Automatic data report    →    Full traceability of measured data