Measurements on Hot Metals

In many difficult industrial environments it is necessary to protect the measuring instruments from ambient conditions such as high temperatures, dust, steam, shocks, etc…  In addition, it is always a big advantage to measure from high distance, without contact and without wear. For this purpose, it has been developed the LDS series of laser measuring heads for hot metals whose main task is to provide a heavy mechanical and thermal protection to the integrated measuring instrumentation.

The working principle is based on the well known laser triangulation technology, here with robust, fast, reliable measuring sensors, optimized to work on high temperature metals (up to 1000°C, 1300°C, 2200°C). A small laser beam, projected on the target surface and observed by an angled optical system, provides the measure of the material distance from the head in form of analog and digital signal.


Many models are available with measuring ranges up to 2000 mm and working distances up to 5000 mm. Special models upon request.

The laser measuring heads LLS are based on the working principle of laser line triangulation. A thin laser line is projected on the material in the section of interest. By means of an optical system at a certain angle, the image of the section is detected by a bi-dimensional optoelectronic transducer which provides the X/Z coordinates of the section itself.  If the material is moving along the Y direction, it is possible to obtain the continuous 3D scanning of the surface, from which the dimensions of interest are extracted.

In order to operate in heavy industrial environments in presence of high temperatures, dust, steam, etc…, the LLS laser heads are built to provide a robust mechanical and thermal protection to the integrated instrumentation. They measure from great distance, without contact and without wear.


VHT thickness gauge is based on the principle of optical triangulation of a laser line observed by a high-resolution isochromatic camera. It is an optical method, without contact and without hazard radiations.

Two laser measuring heads are mounted on a heavy-duty I-Frame with a certain inclination angle with respect to the surfaces of the target material. This setup allows to work in more protected position at the side of the material instead of over and under it as in the typical C-Frame configuration. A thin laser line is projected on both material surfaces and it is observed by the relevant camera through an optical system. Each head measures the position of the relevant surface along the laser line. Material thickness is calculated from the combination of the measured points, given the distance and the inclination between the two heads.

The gauge is suitable to measure on the production line materials with high thickness variations, hot, or cold, stationary or moving. The system precision is proportional to the measuring range and independent from material thickness and composition


The gauge is water cooled and equipped with permanent self-calibration system. It works on materials with temperature up to 1300°C and thickness up to 200 mm.